Kelly Mrocki is an Early Childhood Educator and has many years experience in teaching children about caring for the environment. Although her sustainability incursions at Early Childhood Centres and Kindergartens have ceased due to COVID, she is still actively involved in the community.

Kelly works at a local Kindergarten in Melbourne and volunteers at her local 'Friends of' group maintaining indigenous plants in the area. She has 2 children and enjoys painting in her spare time. 

The Girl Who Saved The Frogs was announced Winner of the Community category at the Victorian Premier's Sustainability Awards 2018.  This is in recognition of Kelly's Community involvement with Kindergartens and Early Learning Centres across Victoria

Kelly was presented with a Higgins Achievement Award in 2018 by The Hon Kelly O'Dwyer MP


The Girl Who Saved The Frogs: is about a family of frogs that start to get sick as their waterways become polluted. That is until a little girl comes along and helps to clean up the mess. 

This book is great for young readers as it inspires children to actively take part in looking after our environment and the animals that live there.

The Boy Who Saved The Whale: tells the story of a whale that was placed in a bathtub and cared for like a pet. Slowly the whale starts to become sad and unwell, so the little boy takes initiative and returns the whale to it's natural home. 

This book gently teaches children about the importance of keeping our wild animals in the wild, and not in a man made environment.

Ew Yuck: A compost worm with an identity crisis. He knows he has an important job, but he is not sure what it is. He tries to befriend humans, but they always call him 'Ew Yuck' and put him back in the garden. This is until 2 children come along and help him to understand his true purpose in life.

This book shows children that although some creatures may not be cute and cuddly, they still deserve our love and respect for the important jobs they have in our world.

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"It was a pleasure to welcome Kelly into our preschool.  The book reading was beautiful and you can never replicate an authors passion for their own story.  The children got to participate in the interactive learning and it fitted in nicely with our unit of inquiry for the term - Sustainability".

Kristy O'Toole

"Our kindergarten group thoroughly enjoyed Kelly's visit.  Kelly's friendly, warm and calm nature combined with her interesting, useful and practical content kept the children (and teachers) interested and engaged. The information she presented prompted many discussions over the following days and weeks from our children.  Our group has been very interested in Authors, so it was also fantastic to hear the history about her wonderful books.  I highly recommend this incursion to kindergartens".

Shelli Giosis



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0413 085 024

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0413 085 024

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